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The Alan Turing Institute
To define a brand and create an identity that reflects the world-changing ambitions of a newly-formed national institute.

The Challenge

The Alan Turing Institute is the newly-formed national institute for data science, the first of its kind in the world. The Institute needed to define its brand and create an identity which could reflect its world-changing ambitions.

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The Idea

Our idea for the brand and its identity came from combining The Alan Turing Institute’s academic gravitas with the pioneering nature of the research it is conducting. The precision and order of the front layer of information gives way to the exciting and undefined imagery behind, conveying the visionary nature of the work the Institute is doing in the emerging field of data science.

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The brand identity was created through an insightful understanding of the institute; coupled with a rigorous, systematic visual language.

The Result

We needed to deliver the new brand in time for the Institute to open its doors to its first cohort of researchers in September 2016. The brand is visible across the Institute, from the welcoming light box across the entrance from the British Library to the Faculty members’ business cards. Red&White also developed an algorithm-based image generator with The Alan Turing Institute to create powerful and unique imagery to be used as part of the visual identity, and act as a tool to communicate the Institute’s work.

Entrance to The Alan Turing Institute
The Alan Turing Institute business cards
The Alan Turing Institute stationery set
The Alan Turing Institute tote bag
The Alan Turing Institute sees further
“(Red&White) offered tireless enthusiasm and clarity at the busiest period of our start-up phase.”Sophie McIvor
Head of Communications, The Alan Turing Institute

The Experience

“Red & White really felt like a part of the Turing team throughout our brand strategy exercise, offering tireless enthusiasm and clarity at the busiest period of our start-up phase. The brand they have created has fast been adopted as the ‘face’ of the Turing, and their hard work to pull together the different perspectives and insights from our partners will continue to deliver value long after the new logos and letterheads have hit the printers.”

Sophie McIvor
Head of Communications, The Alan Turing Institute

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